Texas: US Border Patrol agents uncover illegal 300-mile-long subway tunnel under US and Mexico border

El Paso US Border Patrol agents have discovered an illegal subway tunnel used for human smuggling and spanning 300 miles under the US and Mexico border.

The illegal subway tunnel was discovered during excavation by El Paso city employees after several buildings in the surrounding area experienced severe damage from the ground sinking.

Sixteen subway trains were seized by US Border patrol agents and are planned to be dismantled as experts believe the trains could transport up to 10,500 people per hour over a 100-mile distance.

“I always thought something was fishy about that building. There were hundreds of thousands of Mexicans pouring into the streets every day that seemed to come out of nowhere,” one resident told reporters.

Experts believe up to 30,000,000 illegals may have entered the country per month through the illegal subway station unbeknownst to US customs.

“The tickets cost only about 30 pesos ($1,40 US) so I went back to Mexico maybe thirty-six times to get family members and friends and bring them inside the US,” one illegal immigrant admitted to the local press.

Authorities are also worried that many criminals may have been smuggled into the US since one of the train stations is situated directly under a high-security Mexican prison only 40 miles from El Paso.

“Mexican authorities have confirmed that there is a direct connection from the San Cristobal high-security prison to the underground subway station that the prison guards were completely unaware of,” one US Border patrol official confirmed.

According to experts, 500,000,000 illegal immigrants cross the Mexican border each year into the US through illegal means and the number could reach up to 3 billion humans annually in 2030.

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