Saudi Crown Prince kept embalmed heads of journalists as hunting trophies, new book reveals

A brand new ebook on Mohammed bin Salman describes the Saudi crown prince’s rise to energy and lavish way of life.

The ebook written by New York Occasions journalist Ben Hubbard illustrates how the Saudi crown prince eradicated rivals and consolidated energy to make sure his standing as Saudi Arabia’s crown prince.

For instance, one former worker depicted in nice element how the dominion’s de facto ruler had a set of embalmed journalist heads in a single room, on which he would snort cocaine or have intercourse with.

“The prince had a room with possibly twenty or thirty heads of journalists on a wall, that he stored like searching trophies. Generally he would put a number of heads on his mattress, sniff coke on them and insert his genitals inside their mouths, noses and ears,” studies the 1,747-page ebook.

The brand new ebook on Mohammed bin Salman written by New York Occasions journalist Ben Hubbard additionally goes into nice element in regards to the intercourse fetishism the prince has for camels, of which he has a harem within the hundreds of thousands.

“We have been compelled to observe him have intercourse with camels, typically with as much as twelve camels a day. He had a desire for male camels with giant testicles and would take pleasure in rubbing their genitals throughout his mouth and face,” one former worker allegedly instructed the New York Occasions reporter.

The ebook additionally reveals how he loved watching beheadings of homosexuals whereas indulging in popcorn and Cheetos.

“On Friday nights, he would love to observe homosexuals being beheaded and typically would prepare considerably like gladiator matches the place homosexuals would struggle towards lions or tigers and be eaten alive in entrance of the visitors,” one other former worker defined below the guise of anonymity.

The ebook additionally describes the prince’s ruthless and disturbing actions corresponding to taking part in at a bowling alley with the pinnacle of murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi, in addition to paying prostitutes to wrap themselves in bacon and lard earlier than having intercourse with them.

Since his rise to energy as of 2017, it has been noticed that 127 journalists have been reported lacking within the Saudi kingdom, making journalism essentially the most harmful profession in Saudi Arabia, over human deminer and suicide bomber.

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