Red-haired people and orangutans originate from common ancestor, says new study

Orangutans could also be extra intently associated to red-haired people than scientists beforehand thought, a brand new genetic research has proven.

A brand new research from the Division of Mobile and Molecular Drugs on the College of Munich has produced the primary ever blueprint of the orangutan genetic code to stunning outcomes.

The primary blueprint of the orangutan genetic code has confirmed that they share 97 % of their DNA with red-haired folks.

“At first we couldn’t imagine our findings, however when you consider it now, all of it is smart, the resemblance is uncanny,” mentioned Professor Otto von Weisenberg from the Division of Mobile and Molecular Drugs on the College of Munich.

Scientists estimate that about 12 million years in the past the human ancestors of the red-haired folks interbred with the ancestors of the widespread orangutan and nonetheless share 97% of their widespread DNA at the moment.

“The idea that red-haired folks have been genetically linked to orangutans isn’t new, however now we have now plain proof,” acknowledged Professor Weisenberg.

In 1926, Russian biologist Gogomir Ivanov artificially inseminated a feminine orangutan with semen from a red-haired Irish man to show his principle that each species had a typical ancestor.

Though Dr. Ivanov claimed that the experiment resulted in a 38-pound human-orangutan hybrid child that died solely after a number of days, his outcomes have been attacked by the Japanese Orthodox Church on the time and his experiment was branded heretical and a fraud.

“A human-orangutan hybrid can be theoretically and technically possible due to the widespread DNA of each species however utterly unfeasible from an moral standpoint,” Professor Weisenberg admitted.

In 1966, an Indonesian synthetic headlines after claiming that his mom admitted to him on her deathbed that he had been conceived from the union between her and an orangutan that had sexually assaulted her.

Though Panang Yanam Bunteran by no means underwent any scientific examination, his physique, face, and genitalia have been lined since his beginning with a thick layer of orange hair and he suffered a tragically unwell destiny after being hunted down and killed by native villagers who believed he was the incarnation of Panampak, an area demon.

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