Hawaiian tribe chieftain claims only way to stop Corona Virus is to ‘sacrifice virgins to Volcano God’

A Hawaiian tribe chieftain believes he has discovered a strategy to management the Corona Virus outbreak.

Chief Garry Ahulua of the Ka wahine ʻai honua, or earth-eating girl tribe, believes solely the human sacrifice of virgins may subdue the anger of the gods.

Though human sacrifice has not been practiced for the reason that introduction of Christianity to the island within the mid-19th century, Chief Aluhua, an ultra-orthodox spiritual determine in Hawaii, believes historic traditions can repair trendy issues.

“Our ancestors didn’t want vaccines or medicine to heal their our bodies. To appease the indignant gods we carried out the sacrifice of virgins and saved wholesome till the White man got here and altered our methods,” Chief Ahulua defined on public tv.

Chief Garry Ahulua of the Ka wahine ʻai honua, or earth-eating girl tribe, believes that the age-old Hawaiian custom of sacrificing underage virgin women to Pele, the volcano god, may assist cease the Corona Virus outbreak.

“Our historic traditions say that the sacrifice of a virgin can treatment signs of despair, sexually transmitted ailments, carry wealth, carry fertility and in some circumstances, carry again the lifeless to life,” he added throughout a tv interview.

Chief Garry Ahulua additionally says the ritual sacrifice might be achieved in complete legality inside the US as a result of Hawaiian spiritual practices are protected by the American Indian Spiritual Freedom Act.

“Our historic methods are protected by the American Indian Spiritual Freedom Act, however we would like that the virgins be chosen from the Yellow folks as a result of they introduced this illness to the world,” he added in the course of the 45-minute interview.

Though the origins of the Corona Virus outbreak should not clear, Chief Ahulua believes that the “Yellow folks” offended the gods by having sexual activity with chickens, a concept that isn’t at present supported by scientific proof.

The final human sacrifice of a virgin on the island of Hawaii was reported by Christian missionaries in 1820 to treatment a Hawaiian chieftain of small blisters on his lips, an an infection historians now ascribe to have been a case of Herpes labialis, generally referred to as chilly sores.

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