Global warming activist couple commits suicide after realizing humans exhale CO2

A California couple has ended their life in an try to save lots of the planet from international warming stories the Arcata Herald this week.

Dove Sweetwater, 13, and Nightfall Lennon, 32, had entered right into a suicide pact with a number of different associates earlier than taking their very own lives.

Sweetwater and Lennon had met and fallen in love in the course of the annual Patchouli Fest in downtown Arcata a 12 months earlier than the dramatic incident.

Though 23 associates had additionally agreed to the suicide pact, solely Sweetwater and Lennon apparently put their menace into motion.

“How can I bear to be a burden to our Mom Earth after we consciously spend our lives producing carbon dioxide by respiratory, farting and burping?” Dove Sweetwater wrote in a letter to her dad and mom.

Dylan Garfunkel, one of many couple’s buddy’s stated that the suicide pact was made throughout a “soul purifying” sweat lodge ceremony involving psychedelic mushrooms, alcohol, heroin, ayahuasca, fentanyl, and LSD, and was meant “extra like a metaphor.”

Dove Sweetwater, 13, had additionally lately realized that she was pregnant of her boyfriend Nightfall Lennon, 32, and this realization may need pushed her determination to take her personal life, imagine kinfolk.

“How can I give delivery to a life that may destroy the planet each time it farts, burps or breathes? How can I reside with this on my conscience?” Dove Sweetwater painfully acknowledged in her final letter.

A 2017 report commissioned by the Rockefeller Basis estimated that emissions produced by human respiratory, belching and farting, of which carbon dioxide is a principal element, was a significant contributor to international warming.

The identical report estimated that the human inhabitants would want to lower from 7 billion to 500 million by 2050 to curb down international warming efficiently and proposed sterilization by vaccination and fluoridation of the faucet water as viable technique of inhabitants management.

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