BREAKING: Gucci Mane Escapes Prison With Help From El Chapo

FullSizeRender(3) copy 2ATLANTA – Rapper Gucci Mane, real name Radric Davis, has reportedly escaped from Atlanta Fed Pen, with the help from none other than Mexican Cartel drug Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.

Authorities are confirming Gucci Mane escaped from prison sometime Wednesday morning around the time of 1:00 AM to 4:00 AM. A secret underground tunnel entrance was found In Gucci’s prison cell, similar to the one found in El Chapo’s cell. Authorities also found items left behind by Gucci, including Styrofoam cups, empty bottles of Sprite soda, empty cough syrup bottles, and Jolly Rancher wrappers, leading authorities to believe that Gucci Mane and El Chapo were drinking “Lean” together prior to escaping.

But why would El Chapo help Gucci Mane escape? Ever since Gucci Mane released a song called “El Chapo”, which included the line “All I wanna be is El Chapo”, It appears as though El Chapo and Gucci mane have a mutual appreciation for each other. El Chapo has now showed his appreciation for the rapper by breaking him out of prison through the secret underground tunnel, only a few days after El Chapo himself escaped from a maximum security prison in Mexico. It is also speculated that El Chapo helped Gucci Mane for the reason of wanting to be featured in Gucci’s next studio album.

The underground tunnel, being about a mile long, which also led to a construction site, could have not been built in the few days after El Chapo escaped. Authorities believe the tunnel was being built at the same time El Chapo’s tunnel was being built. Like El Chapo, A massive manhunt for Gucci mane has also been issued. For updates on Gucci and El Chapo, subscribe to below for news straight to your email.

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