69 college kids contracted HIV from running a train on a booty cake.

Hazing gone completely wrong

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Fraternity hazing has been in the news for many years, from students dying , Boiling Hot Water On Back, Chest, Genitals, 

fraternites have been under fire but this ritual was extra extreme.  Last year during a hazing session 69 pledges had to penetrate and ejectulate inside of a happy birthday booty cake.  One by one each pledge took turns on the booty cake, before the first 5 guys finished , ___ was ozzing out everytime it was the next guy turn.   After all 69 pledges finished it was over one gallon on the cake plate. 

They gave the cake to a sorority so they would make their pledges eat it.  The ladies had no clue that they were eating a cake that had a train ran on it. 

Months later the entire college had an outbreak which lead to 6 videos of the haze. 

Doctors say while the pledges penetrated and ejectulated inside of the happy birthday booty cake, the 1st guy had to have had [hiv] and after he finished the other 68 guys marinated their [penises] in.  He later said it was like a cumstew , and every one that stuck their business in that cake was giving and receiving

The videos were in police possession but someone has leaked them on a cheating site called sisisthisyourman.group We must warn you, these videos are hard to watch

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